Average Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Salary, UK, April 2021

Here’s the April 2021 edition of our Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Salary Review for positions held in the United Kingdom – according to Pay Scale – the global salary and compensation experts.

Here we’ll be taking a deep dive into the latest median Chief Executive Salaries across the UK, according to 1,651 CEO salary profiles, last updated Apr 07 2021. We’ll then compare this to the current salaries available on our website.

Average CEO Salary (UK)

And now for a look at the average CEO salary in the four major cities: London, Manchester, Bristol and Edinburgh.

Average CEO Salary (London)

Average CEO Salary (Manchester)

Average CEO Salary (Bristol)

Average CEO Salary (Edinburgh)

What’s the current average CEO Salary on www.chiefjobs.com?

As of April 22nd 2021, the 30 currently vacant CEO positions on CEO Jobs return an average annual salary (not including bonuses and benefits) of £84,469, which is 5.5% higher than the current UK average according to Pay Scale.